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About Jung

Jung was founded in 2003 out of a passion for doing things differently. For us it was never about adding another agency to the mainstream. Instead, we set out to challenge industry conventions and bring new energy and innovation to Market Communication and Public Relations.

Continuously re-defining Public Relations drives us forward, and today Jung is one of Europe’s most awarded independent PR agencies. Based in Stockholm with a staff of 45+, we take inspiration from popular culture to enhance brands into meaningful topics that change people’s behaviour and drive business.

We believe in brands that distinguish themselves not only through their products, but also with emotional attributes. Therefore, we help our clients create meaning, well-articulated beliefs, dialogue and mission-driven communication – that build brands, sell products and capture loyalty.

For us, the sweet spot for Public Relations lies in the intersection between values and creating content. That means marketing communications and corporate communications cannot be separate, and that PR agencies need multidisciplinary expertise in order to execute more complex communications programmes. Therefore, Jung is an eclectic group of people, including PR advisors, planners, strategists, marketing experts, corporate communications specialists, pop culture junkies, copywriters, art directors, programmers, events experts and social media specialists. What we all share is curiosity and a passion for modern Public Relations.

Jung has a strong network of partners – and in addition to our Swedish and Nordic assignments, we also run global PR programmes for brands such as Absolut Vodka and Volvo Cars. Together with our clients, we have received numerous industry recognitions, including awards at Sabre Awards, European Excellence Awards, 100-Wattaren, Guldägget, Spinn and Stora PR-priset.

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So what do we do?

Jung provides the full spectra of PR services, but also a lot more. Sometimes, others say we are an advertising agency and that’s fine by us. As long as our communication builds meaning and dialogue, we happily produce ads, videos, web sites, events, apps, music or anything else that might not fit the traditional definition.

  • Insights

    With a deep understanding for society, culture and trends, we provide strategies and insights that connect brands to their audiences in an efficient, relevant and meaningful way.

  • Content

    We create content, develop ideas and perform activities that put a brand or a topic at the centre of the cultural conversation.

  • Dialogue

    We continuously spark and influence dialogue between brands, media, consumers and other stakeholders – in order to change people’s behaviour and drive business.

Jung Showroom

Our showroom has since its inception in 2006 been one of the leading studios in Stockholm, featuring some of the most exciting and progressive brands within fashion, accessories and sportswear.

In our impressive and welcoming space we let the collections speak for themselves with each brands display individually customized. The rare ability to be able to focus on each client makes Jung Showroom a dedicated partner for a long term relationship. With our strong and personal relations with both clients and press we are very close to our mission, to be the most personal showroom in the business. Read more on the Showroom website

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Henke’s hair raising message

Head & Shoulders

Art Exchange

The Andy Warhol Art Exchange By Absolut

Venus Secret Snap

Gilette Venus

Xperia Pic Quiz

Sony Mobile

Blocket Mode


The Stutterheim Puzzle

Volvo Cars


Amanda Hansen

PR Advisor
+46 76 195 06 50

Most recently Marketing & PR Manager at Live Nation working with some of Sweden's biggest artists and festivals. Prior to that working with various consumer brands at Jung and Prime. Music lover with a rather unhealthy addiction to TV series and all things salty. Also likes running, to travel and having breakfast.

Andrea Almström

Showroom Coordinator
+46 73 823 39 01

Previously backoffice officer at Nordea, Swedbank and most recently at hedge fund Brummer & Partners. Holds a degree in Strategic Marketing from Medieinstitutet in Stockholm. Extreme nerd when it comes to beauty and fashion, constantly on youtube viewing tutorials. Oh! And I have a serious problem, my obsession with diet coke.

Andrea Tholstrup

Accounting Assistant (Parental leave)
+46 8 410 556 50

Holds a 2-year diploma in Business IT from Nackademin. Previously worked in the steel jewelry business, between two parental leaves, and before that worked with plastic furniture as Financial Manager and Head of Showroom. Also launched a perfume in India and worked as an intern at the Swedish Honorary Consulate of Carolina, US. Can´t get enough of the Swedish west coast, hiking and her family.

Anna Von Stockenström

Project Manager & PR-advisor
+46 70 957 40 27

Previously at the media agency Mediacom managing the digital department as well as handling digital marketing strategies for a wide range of clients from FMCG to Telecom. Prior that working for Schibsted with digital advertising. Holds degrees in real estate and a master in business law from the University of Lund. Enjoys sudoku, good food, travelling, and the company of people.

Anna-Clara Zell

PR Assistant
+46 73 399 54 99

Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business from Uppsala University with an additional degree in Marketing Communications from Berghs School of Communications. Also studied film production, photography and graphic design in California. Loves movies, traveling and horseback riding. Also knows an unnecessary amount about Lord of the Rings.

Claes Bodén

Marketing And Sales Manager & Founder
+46 8 410 556 50

Previously co-founded Disco Sthlm ,with Nöjesguiden, and Hubertgruppen. Partner at Tranan. Freelance writer, dj, club and festival organizer. Brand consultant for various brands including Levi's, Finnair and Ericsson. Holding a degree in Strategic Marketing from RMI Berghs.

Ebba Hultengren

Head of Creative
+46 70 253 59 51

Previously at Prime as a creative. Holds a 2 year diploma in advertising/art direction from Berghs School of Communication as well as a bachelor of science in business & economics from Lund’s University. Enjoys anything with lemons and post-apocalyptic-fiction.

Elin Carlson

Showroom Manager
+46 70 397 98 69

Extensive PR experience within fashion after six years with Patriksson Communication as Showroom manager and PR Advisor. Prior to Patriksson Elin worked with in-house sales and communications with an international jeans brand. Various experience from bartending and sales. Spends her free time enjoying music, traveling, family time and horses. Finds her tranquility watching the open ocean or the northern wilderness from the top of a mountain.

Ellen Westöö

Project Manager & PR-advisor (Parental leave)
+46 8 410 556 50

Previously employed as an associate at law firm White & Case. A Master of Law from Stockholm University majoring in Intellectual Property Rights. Additional studies in PR and Brand Positioning from Berghs SoC. A work-out enthusiast who spent a year in Minnesota and has experience from department stores NK and Claes Ohlsson.

Erica Wigge

PR Advisor
+46 70 851 09 41

Previously the PR and Digital Manager for the department stores Nordiska Kompaniet, Project Manager and Advisor at Jung Relations and Account Manager at Hill & Knowlton. Has seven years of communication experience mainly from retail, fashion, interior design, food and beverage. Holds a bachelor’s degree in media and communications from Mittuniversitetet, with additional studies in business. Loves skiing and is always waiting for the snow to come. In the absence of snow, she enjoys running, friends, travel and music from the 70’s.

Fredrik Manuel Persson

Head of Production
+46 70 799 13 10

Most recently employed at Turner Broadcasting / Millennium Media Group working at the communications division, marketing movies and TV. Prior to this Fredrik worked at a record label, as a restaurant manager as well as studying project management at Academedia Masters. Fredrik spends his spare time nurturing his interests that include gossip blogs, working out, fashion, movies, TV and restaurants.

Hampus Klint

Art Director
+46 70 859 75 55

Previously graphic designer at RNB and JC, freelance art director & illustrator with clients including the food and fashion industry and PR and advertising agencies. Holds a degree from Design Academy Eindhoven and studied at Beckmans and HDK. Part time popstar, full time thinker.

Hanna Axelryd

PR Advisor & Project Manager
+46 70 843 08 33

Has a diploma in Marketing Communications from Berghs School of Communication as well as additional studies in Psychology, Marketing and Management & Organisations from Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia. Previously in the fashion industry as a manager at Weekday, and hence really knows how to fold jeans. Loves salt licorice (yeah, any candy really), Yoga and, of course, traveling the world.

Henrik Månsson

+46 8 410 556 50

Business Major from Linköping and Örebro University and a board approved accountant at Mazars SET Accounting firm. Completed two tours in Kosovo with the Swedish armed forces, lived a year in Israel, worked in a sporting goods store, worked in the sausage industry and spent time as a farmhand, among other things, that is. Nowadays mostly enjoys his spare time spending time with his wife and newborn son.

Jakob Bjerkesjö

+46 73 891 30 89

Previously an editor, producer and developer for Swedish television. Part time DJ. Studied Media, Anthropology and Film in Stockholm and London. Has a passion for sneakers, persian food and 90s sit-coms.

Jasmine Falk

PR Assistant
+46 73 571 99 17

Previously editor at NK STIL and NK Stilsäkert. Experience from various assistant jobs within marketing and from interning at Dazed & Confused in London. Holds a bachelor’s degree in strategic communication from Lund University with additional studies in public relations at London College of Communication. Big fan of the internet.

Jens Hollingby

Project Manager (Parental leave)
+46 8 410 556 50

Background as an employee at McDonald´s, treeplanter and home health aide. Helds a degree in Journalism and a Diploma in Strategic Communication and PR from Berghs School of Communication. Previously at Dramaten (The Royal Dramatic Theatre) as digital marketer and at Fotografiska (The Swedish Museum of Photography) as Marketing and Communications Manager.

Jimmy Rodhelind

+46 8 410 556 50

Started 1999 as project manager for the democracy project Ungdomsparlamentet in Kalmar. Studied business economy at IHM and management at Handelshögskolan Stockholm/IFL. Has extensive experience from digital marketing within advertising business at GP, Bonnier and citypaketet. Most recently, Jimmy comes from media agency Mediacom in Stockholm where he has held the position as Head of Digital for the past 9 years.

Joel Sköld

PR Assistant
+46 73 689 16 87

Bachelor’s degree in Acting from Stockholm Academy of Dramatic arts. Holds a diploma in Strategic Communications from Berghs School of Communication. A culture junkie with an unbridled curiosity for theater and film. I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a pro footballer.

Johan Nyman

Head of Corporate Communications
+46 70 646 95 55

Has an extensive professional background as a journalist, working for SVT, TV4 and several of the countries most influental newspapers. Holds degrees, in journalism and law. Enjoys family, Manchester City, music, movies and brilliant tv shows.

Johanna Burai

+46 70-292 14 31

Art director and designer who holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication from Beckmans College of Design. Loves to develop concepts and ideas as well as working in various disciplines. Big fan of grime music, art and nature.

Jonas Lund

Project Manager & PR-advisor
+46 70 843 22 97

Previously with Runner’s World and Springtime Group as project manager for creative client partnerships. Bachelor degree in media and communication from University of Jönköping and additional studies in Digital Strategy from Hyper Island. Never says no to a run (as you’ve might have guessed) or cooking a nice meal together with family and friends.

Jonas Sevenius

Strategic Advisor & Founder
+46 70 815 11 14

Previously PR Consultant with Florman PR. With a degree in Media Communication from Stockholm University and London Guildhall University with additional studies in Business and Film. Manages record label Pluxemburg on the side.

Karin Lindebo

PR Advisor
+46 73 613 83 38

Previously with Star PR Group and Hill & Knowlton as a PR Advisor, mainly within the food and beverage area. Bachelor degree in media and communication from JMK. Additional studies in business and behavioral science from Uppsala University. Dreams of speaking fluent french and never ever says no to a night of karaoke.

Lamin Sonko

PR Advisor
+46 73 779 30 46

A Berghs School of Communication graduate with a degree in Strategic communication & PR. Previously stand-in CEO at GolinHarris, now dealing with reality as a common man. Big fan of people, football, aesthetically perfect things and writing with pen and paper.

Lina Lindvall

PR Assistant
+46 73 729 15 66

Food nerd and hobby designer with an everlasting crush on NYC, who loves everything creative. Previously a bachelor's student in Business and Economics from Uppsala University with additional studies in PR at Berghs School of Communication, Marketing and Advertising at New York University and Brand Management at Fashion Institute of Technology.

Linn Jacobsson

Planner & Creative
+46 70 647 44 74

Has profound knowlegde within strategic and creative work for many of Swedens biggest consumer brands. She has a background on PR and digital agencies and holds a bachelors degree from Berghs School of Communication. When she´s not exploring new ways to grow engagement among people, she has her hands deep in the soil, growing her passion for gardening.

Marita Kuntonen

+46 73 324 90 75

With over 20 years of experience from the bureau world, among other things partner and co-founder of the ad agency SWE, Senior Art Director at ANR / BBDO, Senior Art Director and Concept Developer at The Brand Union. Studies from Beckmans School of Design. Additonal experience as a Designer, garde manger, and as a nurses assistant. Food loving, skier mom.

Marius Pedersen

Digital Specialist
+46 72 278 94 40

A veteran in the Norwegian Army with 3 tours in Afghanistan, before moving into the ad-scene. Experience from Ogilvy & Mather Amsterdam, and most recently a Digital Art Director working with innovation- and tech based communication at Apartment5. Holds a degree from Hyper Island in Stockholm. Loves everything digital and techy. Inspired by clever ideas and hard working people.

Martin Abrahamsson

Project Management, Founder
+46 70 258 67 06

Previously an associate and project manager at Disco Sthlm and Hubertgruppen. Studies in Business and Film at Stockholm University and Södertörn. Experience as a freelance writer, club organizer, dj and from working with film.

Martin Ödman

Project Manager & PR Advisor
+46 73 679 21 25

Previously the Managing Editor for King Magazine, responsible for everything related to the planning and execution of Scandinavia’s leading fashion magazine for men. Prior to that the editor-in-chief for Computer Sweden’s monthly lifestyle subsidiary CS Hemma. Holds a degree in journalism from Stockholm University (JMK) as well as an advanced bachelor’s degree in in Foreign Reporting from University of Helsinki. Used to play in an indie rock band in the late nineties/early twenties and still fiddles with the guitar occasionally.

Mathias Murman

PR Advisor & Project Manager
+46 72 388 64 05

Previously at TUI Nordic working with PR and digital content. Prior to that Mathias worked at Prime PR with a wide range of clients reaching from governments to consumer brands, with a main focus on digital and social campaigns. Background as a journalist working mainly with TV. Holds degrees in journalism and marketing and enjoys skiing, running, mountainbiking, internet and old cars.

Max Hafelt

PR Advisor
+46 73 380 13 37

Bachelor’s degree in Media and Communication Science from Mid Sweden University and Oklahoma State University. Worked as an au pair, at a district court, and at an estate agency. Loves an open ice hit in general and a Henrik Lundqvist shutout in particular.

Michelle Wiström

Showroom Coordinator
+46 76 222 84 33

Recent graduate from Stockholm University with a bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Public Relations. Previously ran her own projects in fashion, music and art. The latest hobby project is an idea to sew her own clothing line (without knowing how to thread a sewing machine) until autumn. Otherwise, have a penchant to Berlin and white sneakers.

Mikaela Rönn

+46 8 410 556 50

Most recently with Ryska Posten, responsible for a wide variety of tasks, including manning the reception, working events as well as helping out wherever needed. Previously spent time in Barcelona studying Spanish and enjoys skiing, dancing and music in all its forms.

Måns Dohns

+46 72 388 40 96

Previously a free lancing free skiing photographer that found a newborn fling for PR. Utilizing and developing earlier experiences as well as experimenting with new stuff within Production at Jung. Dreams of graphic design.

Mårten Strassburg

Project Manager
+46 70 896 03 02

Founded and managed a football fan website in China. Experienced in digital focused market communication from Area Media Group, Pine Film, Framfab and his own companies. Studied marketing, organizational theory and communication at Lund University and Paisley University. Enjoys everything new and groundbreaking, especially within design, photography and film production.

Nicolina Jonsson

PR Advisor
+46 73 946 23 80

Master in Marketing and Media Management from the Stockholm School of Economics. Bachelor in Textile Economics with additional studies in Chinese. Previously worked as an assistant buyer at a fast fashion company. Worked and studied in Shanghai, London, Taipei, Gothenburg, Borås and the US. Loves travelling, flea markets, Bolivia and taking naps.

Per Holmquist

+46 73 788 36 95

A multidisciplinary creative who holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication from Beckmans College of Design. Loves to be in a room where great ideas are born and according to Wired he turned DJing into child’s play.

Pontus Formgren

Production Assistant
+46 72 521 60 33

Born and bred Stockholmer with varied experience in all kinds of customer service. Recently Pontus has been working with translations for the company Win Technologies in London and as a Sales Consultant at Acne Studios. Big fan of the English language, people, clothes and live music.

Sofia Karlsson

PR Advisor
+46 73 200 47 26

Previously with Puma as a Visual Merchendiser. Prior to that she worked as a assistant stylist. Conducted studies in italian in Lugano and presently consumes a strange amount of TV-shows and movies. Lives by the motto "Nails done, hair(?) done, errything did!"

Åsa Holmström

Accounting Assistant
+46 8 410 556 50

Previously an accountant at a wholesaler in the shoe industry. Before her years in the shoe business she worked in various companies, such as an image-agency and a restaurant. Dedicated traveler who loves to see and experience new places and different locations. Loves to exercise, hike, and learn more about things she's not good at. Is a “skiing at winter and archipelago at summer” type of person.

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